Neptune 4.0 Wants to Be the Best KDE-Based OS

The latest version of Neptune can be downloaded from Softpedia

Neptune 4.0, a Linux operating system fully based upon Debian "Wheezy," except for a newer kernel and some drivers, has been released and it's available for download.

ZevenOS-Neptune 4.0 has been dubbed "It's all about you" and is the first release in a new series. The last update for a Neptune Linux distribution was made all the way back in October 2013, but the developers have made some great progress since then.

"This version is aimed for creating a fast running Linux Live System for USB Sticks and offering the best out of the box experience for hard drive installations. Therefore we developed easy to use applications like USB Installer aswell as a Persistent Creator that allows you to store changes to your system on your live usb stick."

"Neptune focuses on providing an elegant out of the box experience for the users. Therefor we ship a nice and simple overall look and feel aswell as a whole bunch of multimedia tools, like codecs, flash player, audio and video player. Multimedia being one of the core features of Neptune we also ship the greatest free and open source tools for audio and video editing," reads the official website.

The developers have explained that Neptune 4.0 is now using Linux kernel 3.13.11, which is the branch still maintained by Canonical after it reached end of life. It also uses KDE SC 4.13.2, which is the latest version available, Systemd 204, Encode 3.0, Recffmpeg 1.8.5, LibreOffice 4.2, Chromium 35, and btrfs as the default file system.

Neptune 4.0 now places much greater focus on simplicity, and the design of the operating system reflects this new approach. The desktop is less cluttered and the entire distro has been made lighter by implementing just a limited number of applications.

Most importantly, the distro doesn't use the regular KDE experience and the devs chose to make some adjustments that will definitely set Neptune apart from everything else.

The OS is now using btrfs as the file system and this means that users will get improved support for SSDs, snapshots, raid, and numerous other features that are only available with this technology.

Users will also find that Neptune KDE repo is enabled by default, which means it's going to be very easy to update the system when new versions become available.

A complete list of changes and updates can be found in the official announcement. You can download ZevenOS-Neptune 4.0 "It's all about you" right now from Softpedia.

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