NeoOffice 2.2.4 Patch 5 Available

More bug fixes for users of's suite of office apps

With the release of NeoOffice 2.2.4, the open source suite of office apps really took off, fixing tons of bugs, but, most notably, adding support for the Apple Remote for controlling presentations. After launching the fourth patch for NeoOffice 2.2.4, the developing team could confirm that slideshow presentations ran up to 33% faster. The latest patch for the free app suite for Mac OS X adds mere bug fixes, but is recommended for all users of NeoOffice 2.2.4.

"After we added slideshow remote control support in NeoOffice 2.2.4 Patch 3, we have continued work on additional performance improvements and new features for our users," the team at notes. "As a result of our recent work, NeoOffice 2.2.4 Patch 4 has the following new performance improvements over previous versions of NeoOffice:

- Slideshow presentations run up to 33% faster

- PowerPoint and Impress files open up to 10% faster

With these performance improvements, NeoOffice slideshow presentations run significantly faster than 3.0 Beta 2."

NeoOffice is a full-featured set of office applications developed especially for Mac OS X. The suite includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and database programs. Version 2.2.4 was the first to add native floating tool windows and magnify & swipe trackpad gestures for MacBook users. Horizontal scroll wheel support was also available with the release of NeoOffice 2.2.4. Fixed included in the latest patch (5) of NeoOffice are listed below.

- Fixed a bug that caused background images to be rendered as black rectangles when exporting to image.

- Fixed a problem where EPS images were not rendered when running slideshows.

- Fixed an issue where light transparent objects appear dark when running slideshows.

- Fixed a bug that caused the last character to be clipped when typing in Calc header dialog.

- Fixed a bug that could allow document-modal dialogs to lose focus.

You can download the latest version of NeoOffice here. NeoOffice Patch 5 requires a full installation of NeoOffice 2.2.4 or NeoOffice 2.2.3 with NeoOffice 2.2.4 Patch 0 and will not install on any version of NeoOffice 2.2.2. Patch 5 includes all fixes and additions of previous patches. NeoOffice 2.2.4 requires 512 MB of memory, around 400 MB of free disk space and works under Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. The application is a Universal Binary.

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