Need for Speed: Rivals Dev Doesn't Want Titanic-Level Story

The plot of the game won't rival movies or have serious themes

Ghost Games, the developer of the upcoming Need for Speed: Rivals racing game, is conscious that the story in the new title doesn't want a plot worthy of big movies like Titanic, as it will be a simple and straightforward experience.

Need for Speed: Rivals is set to launch later this week on PS4 and next week for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox one.

Besides delivering a great racing experience in terms of gameplay, with special features like the Autolog one, the new title will also bring a fresh story for its campaign.

According to the studio's Craig Sullivan, who talked with OPM, the narrative won't try to deliver anything huge like the movie Titanic, for example.

"If you’ve seen the E3 trailer, that’s a good glimpse into how we’re going to tell the narrative of the game. We’re not making Titanic: this is a driving game. Give me a narrative that explains why I’m driving and reflects the consequence of what I’m doing. It can’t be a story about world peace or a crisis in the Middle East."

According to Sullivan, the plot will cast a new light on the whole cops vs. racers conflict and support the overall gameplay.

"This is ultimately a story about what’s going on inside the cop’s head and how he reacts to the racer. It’s about the rivalry that plays out as the two sides are essentially battling each other throughout this game. The narrative is there to completely and utterly support the gameplay – it’s not overly preachy and it’s not very long. It’s simply [told in] cutscenes that play out at certain times in the game."

While previous games in the series tried to tell stories of smaller or bigger scopes, last year's Need for Speed: Most Wanted went with a very barebone plot.

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