Need for Speed: Most Wanted Achievements Revealed

Racing fans need to complete a wide array of challenges in the new game

By on October 4th, 2012 08:10 GMT

Electronic Arts and Criterion Games have revealed the full list of Xbox 360 achievements/PlayStation 3 trophies that can be earned by players in the upcoming Need for Speed: Most Wanted racing game.

The NFS series is getting a major new installment this year, as Criterion, the studio behind other franchises like Burnout, is reimagining the 2005 cult classic NFS: Most Wanted.

We already got to admire the game in a variety of videos and screenshots, and even learned of its great support for various graphics technologies on the PC.

Now, the full list of achievements has been revealed on the web, showing off the various challenges that need to be completed by players if they want to unlock 1,000 Gamescore points, on the Xbox 360, or the Platinum trophy on the PlayStation 3.

Some of these achievements seem trivial, like getting arrested by the police, while others seem quite hard, like doing lengthy drifts or smashing through every billboard in the city of Fairhaven.

Check out the full list below.

Most Wanted Rides - Own all the Most Wanted cars (Single Player)
Got to Smash Them All - Smashed every Billboard
The Gatecrasher - Broke through every Security Gate
Love Them and Leave Them - Drove every Car
Networking - Found every Jack Spot
Cameraman - Triggered every Speed Camera
Go Pro or Go Home - Unlocked all the Pro mods on a car (Single Player)
Feeling the Need - Emptied a full nitrous bar without hitting anything
Fix Me Up - Used a Bodyshop to paint or repair your car for the first time
Switcheroo - Used a Jack Spot in a Pursuit (Single Player)
Kitchen Sink - Used a Billboard and a Jack Spot to successfully evade a pursuit (Single Player)
The Heat is Off - Escaped successfully from all Heat levels
Social Climber - Have 5 or more NFS friends
How Do You Like Me Now? - Beat a friend’s Autolog Recommendation
Moving On Up - Moved up the Most Wanted List for the first time
Nothing Personal - Took down a friend in Multiplayer
After Market - Unlocked a mod for a car in Multiplayer
Licensed to ill - Customized your license plate and number in Multiplayer (2)
Mix Master - Played a Custom Speedlist you created (Multiplayer)
The Modfather - Unlocked 3 Pro Mods in Multiplayer
Second is Nothing - Finished first in every race, in every car (Single Player) (29)
Rim Shot - Escaped the cops with at least one blown tire
In Your Face - Smashed a friend’s face on a billboard and beat their jump distance
Pit Stop - Repaired a burst tire at a Bodyshop
Alpha Dog - Shut down Most Wanted car number 10: Alfa Romeo 4C Concept (Single Player)
Charming - Shut down Most Wanted car number 9: Shelby COBRA 427 (Single Player)
Blackout - Shut down Most Wanted car number 8: Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG (Single Player)
Lexus Ranger - Shut down Most Wanted car number 7: Lexus LFA (Single Player)
Track Weapon - Shut down Most Wanted car number 6: McLaren MP4-12C (Single Player)
Arachnophobic - Shut down Most Wanted car number 5: Porsche 918 Spyder Concept (Single Player)
Main Avent - Shut down Most Wanted car number 4: Lamborghini Aventador (Single Player)
White Gold - Shut down Most Wanted car number 3: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (Single Player)
Mighty Wind - Shut down Most Wanted car number 2: Pagani Huayra (Single Player)
Don’t Blink - Shut down Most Wanted car number 1: Koenigsegg Agera R (Single Player) (5)
Gotcha - Got Busted for the first time
First Strike - Took down your first Cop
Troublemaker - Took down 50 Cops
Slip the Cuffs - Drove through a roadblock without hitting it
Battering Ram - Smashed through a roadblock without crashing
Sidewinder - Did a 250 yard (228 .6 meter) drift
Mauled - Wrecked 10 cops in a single pursuit in the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
Beast from the East - Escaped from the cops in the Marussia B2
Iron Boots - Drove over 5 spike strips with re-inflates equipped (1)
Gladiator - Took down every racer at least once in a single race
Escape Velocity - Jumped over 200 yards (182.88 meters) through a Billboard
Fast Forward - Triggered a speed camera at over 200mph (321.97km/h)

NFS: Most Wanted is out for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 30, in North America, and November 2, in Europe.

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