NaziGod Hackers Take Credit for Amazon Downtime

This appears to be another failed attempt from attention-seeking hackers

On Thursday, Amazon suffered a 49-minute outage. As in most such cases, a hacker group has taken credit for the downtime.

NaziGods claim to have launched an attack against Amazon because it supports censorship.

“They remove products that don’t fit the image they want potential customers to see. Also they regularly ban and stop transactions of bitcoin,” one of the hackers told Gizmodo.

“They removed my copy of ‘Ghost in the wires’ for copyright,” he added.

In a statement, Amazon representatives said the gateway page and some other webpages of the site were offline for some customers, but that AWS was not impacted. Sources close to Amazon told Gizmodo that the outage was not related to any outside group.

Considering that this wouldn’t be the first time when the group made false claims, this is most likely another attempt to attract attention.

In addition, their explanation as to why only the homepage has been affected isn’t very good.

“The home page is down because amazon host home page on server a and the rest on server b. simple,” they said.

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