Naughty Cops Suspended After Dancing in Patrol Car While Driving

Their saucy moves may make them Internet sensations, but they stand to lose their jobs

Two Spanish police officers were suspended in Cerdanyola del Vallès in Barcelona, after footage of them dancing in a squad car hit YouTube.

The officer's wages have been cut and they are now suspended, awaiting further disciplinary measures and “administrative penalty,” reports.

Cerdanyola del Vallès councilwoman Montserrat Montiel explained that the local officers had been reprimanded.

“We learned late Monday afternoon and started everything needed at the administrative level, we initiated an administrative penalty, which is a way to start collecting data but also apply precautionary measures, and we have suspended them in work and wages,” Mrs. Montiel stated in a press conference.

The two officers, who remain unnamed, were in strict violation of several traffic regulations. One can clearly be seen driving without a seat belt, with no hands on the wheel. The driver covered his eyes, while driving, for at least 6 seconds, endangering himself, his partner and other motorists.

Both the driver and the front passenger were seen sticking the upper part of their bodies out the window, while the vehicle was in motion.

The officers were dancing to Russian group Serebro's 2011 hit Mama Lover, and were attempting to replicate the girl band's movements. Serebro filmed a clip in which the three members of the band danced in a car, performing saucy and risque dance moves.

The Spanish cops imitated the obscene gestures in the music clip while on patrol, which was also frowned upon by the police department.

According to the Daily Mail, one of the Spanish National Police officers' wives was the one that posted the video. The woman found the footage of her husband dancing while behind the wheel, and decided to copy it on her mobile phone and upload it on YouTube.

After she shared the video with the world, it became very popular, receiving thousands of comments by Spanish Twitter followers that noted the policemen were “behaving like complete and utter idiots.”

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