National Australia Bank Phishing Scam: Important Account Information

Phishers try to lure users to malicious webpages set up on compromised websites

Customers of National Australia Bank (NAB) are advised to be on the lookout for fake emails that inform them of unauthorized activity on their accounts.

“Due to your recent account activity, you need to confirm that the last transactions were made by you or another authorized user of the account. You can do this by following the link below and filling the required information,” the emails read.

The link contained in the false notifications points victims to a phishing webpage cleverly set up on a compromised Chinese site.

NAB is aware of these types of scams and provides customers with a number of advisories on how to recognize fake alerts.

The financial institution also provides a number of hoax email examples that have been circulating over the past few years.

Customers who receive suspicious NAB emails are advised to report them to

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