National Association of Federal Agents Hacked by Anonymous

The attack appears to be part of Operation Last Resort

The official website of the National Association of Federal Agents ( has been hacked by Anonymous as part of the campaign called OpLastResort.

The site’s main page was defaced around 12 hours ago, but at the time of writing, it still wasn’t restored.

Judging by the defacement page, the breach also appears to be part of an older campaign known as #FFF ([expletive] FBI Friday).

On Thursday, Anonymous hackers took credit for the disruption of, but so far, there’s no confirmation that the distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack is part of OpLastResort.

Earlier this week, investment firm George K. Baum and Company and the US Department of State were hacked by Anonymous hacktivists. The hackers threatened that they would not tolerate the imprisonment or censorship of “their people.”

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