Narcissist Gwyneth Paltrow Called Chris Martin a “Moron,” Made Fun of His Diet

Living with her was just like living “with a bossy schoolteacher,” says report

Since their “conscious uncoupling” announcement, there has been much speculation on the reasons why Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin drifted apart. According to a new report, they had very little to do with the fact that she was sleeping around and more with her being an insufferable woman to Chris.

To recap: Gwyneth and Chris were married in 2003 and have 2 children together. They announced their separation in a post on her Goop website and, even though there had been some rumors that their marriage was on the rocks, the news took everyone by surprise.

It shouldn’t have, the weeklies are saying now: for years, Gwyneth and Chris had an open marriage, and she barely made an effort to hide the fact that she was sleeping around. Chris was probably doing the same but, if he was, he always hid it better.

However, insiders tell Us Weekly, it wasn’t that which eventually ruined their marriage, but the fact that Gwyneth became an absolute nightmare to live with. Among some of the nastiest things she did to Chris on a regular basis was to call him a “moron” and publicly laugh about his dietary preferences.

That last part falls in line with an older report based on one of Gwyneth’s interviews, in which she said she would never let her kids eat an Oreo because she was all about healthy choices. According to insiders, Chris played by the same rules at home and wasn’t allowed to eat what he wanted.

“Gwyneth would snipe and… say things to him like ‘You’re such a moron.’ Chris couldn’t take it anymore,” says a spy. “[He] never fought back and [she would] totally make fun of the way he ate and what he ordered when they ate out. It was like living with a bossy schoolteacher or etiquette coach. He just took it.”

When it came to the children, he drew the line, often getting into arguments with her over her obsession about putting the kids on a diet. He thought she should at least let them have ice cream every now and then, but she obviously disagreed.

As if this didn’t paint a very negative picture of the Oscar-winning actress, insiders also tell Us Weekly that she would torment her husband in even more ways. “Gwyneth is someone that likes attention. There is a narcissism there. She would openly flirt with men in front of Chris,” claims a spy.

If any of this is true and Chris decided to free himself of this dreadful woman when he couldn’t stand it any longer, he’s not about to spill the beans on it anytime soon. Friends of the family are saying they’re determined to play nice for the cameras and have an “amicable” divorce, for the sake of the children.

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