Nanoxia Deep Silence 4, a Mini Tower Case for Gaming

Despite being small, it's actually pretty heavy at 7.8 kg / 17.19 pounds

You'd expect a miniature case to also be light compared to others, but that's not something that the latest product from Nanoxia can actually claim. Not when it weighs 7.8 kg / 17.19 pounds.

Still, even though it's so heavy (and even then it shouldn't be too much of a pain to carry it around), the case definitely makes up for it.

First off, the Nanoxia Deep Silence 4 is soundproof. Not that it can afford to be otherwise, given its name and everything.

Also, since this is the Deep Silence 4, you can be sure it's a lot better at keeping noise in than most others of its sort.

The side panels are insulated against vibration, and so is the rest of the case really. Not bad, considering that steel isn't the best sound blocker out there.

That said, the Nanoxia Deep Silence 4 measures 380 (H) x 200 (W) x 480 (D) mm / 14.96 x 7.87 x 18.89 inches.

Inside, it has room for two 5.25-inch drive bays, which usually hold optical disk drives (ODDs), but can be outfitted with fan controllers as well, or drive cages or anything else made for that form factor.

If owners really want to, they can even forgo optical drives completely and use those two bays for the reservoir and pump of a water cooling system.

In addition to the pair of 5.25-inch bays, there are two modular HDD/SSD cages that can hold 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch storage drives.

There's even a fixed cage for a 2.5-inch unit, plus built-in 2-channel fan controller connected to a pair of 120 mm Deep Silence Series fans (one found in the front and one at the rear). So we suppose there's no point in installing a fan controller in the 5.25-inch bay after all.

Furthermore, the maximum graphics card length supported here is of 395 mm / 15.55 inches.

Finally, the Nanoxia Deep Silence 4 has a top-place I-O panel (USB 3.0, audio) and can be colored in one of three options, each with its own price: black (€72.99 / $72.99), white (€74.99 / $74.99) and anthracite (€72.99 / $72.99).

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