NanoPhone Security Helps in the Android Development

Seemingly essential for Android's update

The Android platform is in full process of improvement and both mobile manufacturers and users are expecting spectacular results and updates from the new Android OS. In order for it to live up to its reputation and even exceed the present requests, Mocana's NanoPhone Suite was paired with Android to give birth to the new OS for 2009.

The most important data needed while developing the Android is related to the security information, which is much more easily acquired using NanoPhone Security. In addition, the NanoPhone technology has come with plenty of other applications in order to really take part in the development of the new platform.

The Android will have to answer to the manufacturers’ security requests and create a secure browser, an FIPS validated crypto, malware and virus protection plus scalable and secure firmware updating and secure boot capabilities. The really hard part is related to the collective security of the Virtual Private Network and, finally, to the robust certificate handling features that need to authenticate devices, network services, and individuals to each other.

Because Android developers had to design much more high-performance applications, take extra care of the security issues and not damage the battery life expectancy through such developments, the job seemed too much for one company to follow through. Due to the fact that NanoPhone Suite is the only open-standards-based software that offers a great variety of features and applications that are most helpful in such software development, Mocana represented the only viable and realistic choice.

In addition to its flexibility and "native" qualities, which allow developers to use the technologies of the NanoPhone one at a time or add them all in the end, the usage of this software guarantees that even after adding the firewalls, VPNs or encryption data, performance will not be diminished on the platform itself.

Moreover, the Mocana NanoPhone Suite comes with a multitude of applications, such as NanoBoot, NanoCert, NanoDefender, NanoDTLS and plenty more, each one incredibly useful, offering developers a translated message of the needed security changes, without having to use a crypto expert. On top of that, this software will also deliver the necessary information when it comes to the areas where performance needs boosting or in terms of battery requirements.

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