Nadya Suleman to Trademark ‘OctoMom’ Term

Despite the fact she does not like being called that

Nadya Suleman, mother of 14, including the first surviving octuplets ever, is certainly not the most loved overnight celebrity, it has been pointed out. Yet, that does not stop her from making the most of her time in the spotlight to make money, presumably in the interest of her children. This also includes trademarking the “OctoMom” term, according to TMZ.

When Suleman gave birth to the octuplets in January, she was mostly referred to in the media as the “California woman.” As soon as word got out in the media that she also had other six children at home, all under 8, and that she had no job and was living off government assistance, the media tagged her with the “OctoMom” label, and attached the “Octo” prefix to anything that was related to her – OctoHouse, OctoVan and even OctoGranny for Suleman’s mother. Now, Nadya wants to trademark the name as a source of profit.

Suleman’s attorney, Jeff Czech, has confirmed to the media that she was looking to legally claim the term as hers, despite the fact that she does not like being called that. “She’s never warmed to it, but the idea would be for others to use it for licensing. It’s just a smart thing to do.” Czech says. There is a small problem, though, namely that someone else has already filed the papers to have the name trademarked, as the aforementioned e-zine informs. “A technology company called Super Happy Fun Fun applied for a trademark on the word one month before Nadya did.” TMZ says.

However, the company has no right to be using the OctoMom term, since she became known under it first, Czech says. “It’s not going to matter because they had no permission from Nadya, who has the rightful claim to the name ‘OctoMom’.” says Suleman’s attorney. Both Suleman and Super Happy Fun Fun have filed a “Class 041 Status,” TMZ explains, which means they plan to use the term in the world of entertainment – but neither has come forward so far to detail specifically what for.

Although Czech has not said whether they intend to pursue the matter in court, it is believed they will do so to make sure that Nadya Suleman is the only owner of the rights to the OctoMom term.

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