Nadya Suleman to NueveMom: No One Will Take My Octo Title

Controversial mom of 14 gets defensive when her record is threatened

When she gave birth to healthy octuplets 3 years ago, Nadya Suleman set a new world record. At the same time, she also patented the name of Octomom and broke into the Guinness Book of World Records – so it’s only natural that she feel threatened by the arrival of NueveMom.

NueveMom is actually Karla Vanessa Perez from Mexico, a woman who claims to be pregnant with nine babies due on May 20 – which may or may not be true, according to various reports in the press.

Assuming it is, Suleman wants the world to know that her Octo title is not in any real danger, as she says in a statement to celebrity gossip website / paparazzi agency TMZ.

“No one will ever take my Octo title, I’m in the Guinness Book Of World Records!” Suleman says when asked whether she’s afraid Perez will take her birthing title from her.

Moreover, she is convinced that Perez is lying and even goes as far as to call her “a fraud.”

“[She] shouldn't be making a joke about raising a large family. It’s a serious job and takes a lot to take care of my children. She disgusts me,” Suleman adds.

In other words, she wants people to know that, even if Perez is really pregnant with 9 babies, she’s probably doing it for the fame and the money whereas she, Suleman, had the octuplets out of love (when they were born, she already had 6 other minors at home).

Strangely enough, Suleman comes across as very defensive of a nickname / title she claimed not even to like just two days ago.

Speaking with ABC to defend herself against allegations of child neglect, she stressed how much she hated the name the media had bestowed upon her when she gave birth to octuplets.

“I hate Octomom. I want to take a sledge hammer and crack her in half. That is some freak that they created in the media. I need it to be done. Done,” she said, as we also reported at the time.

“I've been using the media to pay the bills. Any offer, now, is to take care of my kids,” she added.

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