Nadya Suleman in Altercation with Kristen Johnston: Grow a Baby and Get a Life!

Nadya Suleman, whose sole claim to fame is being Octomom, the woman who gave birth to healthy octuplets and has a total of 14 kids, got very testy on a flight across the US, telling actress Kristen Johnston to “get a life!,” according to reports.

The two met accidentally on a plane from New York City, where Suleman did an interview for The Today Show, as we also noted over the weekend.

Johnson, known for her role on the successful sitcom “3rd Rock from the Sun,” will definitely not forget the encounter that easily, especially since it forced her to get off the plane and catch another – quieter – flight, TMZ writes.

Apparently, Suleman and 12 of her kids were on the plane, but she was having serious issues with keeping the children quiet, which obviously upset Johnston enough to get up and have a word with her.

“Nadya Suleman was flying back from New York City last night and her and the brood took up most of the business class section of the plane. The flight was delayed for more than two hours and Nadya tried to silence the kids – to no avail,” the e-zine writes.

“The crying babies annoyed the ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ star so much, she marched over to Nadya and told her keep it down,” TMZ informs.

Contrary to what she might have expected, she was met with zero understanding, as Suleman’s rep reveals for the same media outlet.

“How would you like me to keep eight 2-year-olds quiet?” Octomom reportedly told the actress. To this, Johnston replied, “Get more help!”

Octomom was reportedly accompanied by a friend and two of her older children, and they were helping her keep the octuplets in check.

“Why don’t you grow a baby and get a life!” an exasperated Suleman fought back.

Johnston returned to her seat, picked up her belongings, left the plane and never came back. She’s believed to have taken a different flight.

Contacted by TMZ over the latest incident, Suleman insists she had no idea who Johnston was and concludes bluntly, “I guess there’s some people that don’t like kids.”

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