Nadya Suleman Dumped by Manager, Broke Again

Octomom is in trouble again, can hardly provide for her 14 kids, reports say

Until just recently, things seemed to finally pick up for Nadya Suleman: she'd hired a new management team, promised she'd be smarter with her money and more attentive with her kids. Now, Octomom is in trouble again, fresh reports indicate.

Just as she was starting to see the fruits of her first efforts in showbiz, the mother of 14 has been dumped by her management team for allegedly refusing to be a pro and honor her commitments, TMZ informs.

Apparently, Suleman would constantly blow off appointments yet still complain about not making enough money to provide for her extensive brood.

Tired of all this, her team dumped her – erasing her completely from the Internet: Twitter, Facebook and Ustream accounts have all been shut down.

“[She] was the ultimate flake – her management team would book her on paying gig after paying gig and Nadya 'would find any reason' to cancel last minute… often claiming she couldn’t find a babysitter,” TMZ reports.

What's odd is that the change was sudden: for the past year, Suleman had been the spitting image of a pro, making a lot of money because of it.

Her former manager Gina Rodriquez tells TMZ she simply couldn't stand the bickering anymore or having to make amends for her whenever she'd skip another previously arranged commitment.

“I quit on her because she is unmanageable. She would not reply to anything work-related we would call or text about especially if it was not paid,” Rodriguez says.

“Regardless of the $70k [€53,672.7] we made her, she still claimed to not be able to pay any of her bills. We no longer wanted a part of any of it and we feel sorry for the children,” the former manager explains.

Suleman though is singing an entirely different story. In a statement to Radar Online, one of the few media outlets still to pay her for exclusives, she claims she was the one to ditch her management.

She says it was her decision to part with Rodriguez who, in a fit of rage, shut down all her online accounts. Suleman promises to be back up in the saddle soon or, as she puts it, “New year, new beginning.”

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