NVIDIA Tegra Mobile SoCs Better than Xbox 360 by 2014

This just goes to show how serious NVIDIA is about its ARM-based platform

You might not believe it, but NVIDIA has essentially promised to bring its Tegra mobile system-on-chip to a performance level superior to that of Microsoft's Xbox 360 game console, in graphics at least.

As if this alone wasn't enough, the Santa Clara, California-based company said it would happen in two years tops.

That's right, according to a slide shared with AnandTech, the Tegra will be stronger than the Xbox 360 by 2014.

In other words, a matching video performance will be attained as early as next year.

Truly, NVIDIA is compensating for having been locked out of the x86 PC chipset market by pushing itself on the ARM segment, which has begun to cover more areas than just mobile devices.

In the picture above, the dotted lines are trends and the solid lines are the estimated performance levels.

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