NVIDIA Tegra 4 May Have Scored HP's Chromebook as a Design Win

The quad-core next-generation ARM SoC will run Chrome just fine

NVIDIA's Tegra 4 system-on-chip has been, so far, advertised as a powerful tablet platform that will replace the Tegra 3 by March 2013.

Last we heard about the platform, it wasn't doing so well, shipment-wise, that NVIDIA might just have to be particularly aggressive in its own tablet and phone plans.

Now, though, the platform seems to be getting good publicity from an unlikely source: Chromebooks.

As we reported here, there is a good chance for the system-on-chip to be used in the next Chromebook.

Google is already using Tegra 3 in its Nexus devices. If rumors are true, then the new Chromebook would bear the same brand and the successor to that chip.

It may not be the largest market segment for NVIDIA's Wayne, but it is a start at least.

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