NVIDIA Tegra 2-Based Nintendo DS Rumors Continue

New sources claim rumor is correct

Although NVIDIA's first generation of Tegra processor is just making its way into the market, in the form of the recently introduced Microsoft Zune HD and Samsumg Yeep M1 media players, there are rumors already regarding the second installment of the aforementioned processor. Tegra 2 will reportedly double the performance of the company's current chip and is expected to power a number of various devices. According to the most recent details, the new Tegra processor will be featured in Nintendo's next-generation DS portable gaming console.

Rumors of an NVIDIA Tegra-powered Nintendo DS have made their way on the market, since back in mid-October, when an article on the Bright Side of News claimed that NVIDIA was collaborating with Nintendo for the upcoming DS gaming console. It now appears that, following the said rumor, the fellows over at Digital Foundry have landed some details from “credible sources”, who claim that the rumors around the future Tegra chip and Nintendo DS console are pretty much real.

According to said sources, the upcoming Tegra chip will feature an architecture similar to that of the NVIDIA GeForce 5 series of GPUs, contrary to previous rumors claiming that the Tegra 2 will feature a GPU architecture similar to that of the GeForce 6 series. Unfortunately, the specific details regarding the design of the future DS console aren't yet available, which means that the Nintendo still has a choice of going either for a single or for a dual-screen configuration.

The power of NVIDIA's Tegra 2 will certainly be put to good use in a gaming console, but there are reports on the details of Sony's PSP2, which will apparently be featured with the IMG SGX543 chip. This comes as a four-core 45nm chip that should deliver an impressive performance, considering that a single-core SGX543 chip is said to “match and potentially exceed the performance of Tegra 2 clock-for-clock”

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