NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla Card Waterblocks Launched by EK

NVIDIA's professional and supercomputer graphics cards get better cooling

The problem with high-end graphics cards is that they need better cooling than others, in addition to more space.

NVIDIA's Quadro and Tesla don't really get chewed out for this much, since consumers are the ones most concerned with noise and these two series of video cards aren't for consumers.

They are for professional workstations and supercomputers instead.

Still, better cooling always helps, and so does space efficiency, which is why EK felt it would profit from launching waterblocks made specially for them.

Sadly, the company did not provide the pictures, nor the details. Sales will only start in the first half of next month (February 2013).

The photos above and below are of the reference Quadro 5000K and Tesla K20, complete with original coolers. Said coolers will be replaced by EK-FCQ5000K and EK-FCTK20, respectively.


NVIDIA's reference cards (2 Images)

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Gallery Image

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