NVIDIA Q4 FY 2013 Earnings: $1.1 Billion Revenue (820 Million Euro)

Compared to the same period the year before, things are looking up

NVIDIA has finally posted its financial results for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2013, and its numbers may leave a mixed feeling in the hearts of those who wonder what will come next.

Before we go further, we should probably explain what NVIDIA means by Q4 of Fiscal Year 2013, to avoid confusions.

Corporations name their fiscal years according to the year when they end, even if the final day is in January.

NVIDIA's Fiscal Year 2013 ended on January 27, so the financial results in its latest report are for Q4 FY 2013.

First off, the revenue is higher than what it was back during the fourth quarter of the previous year (and by that we mean FY 2012).

That means $1.1 billion (820 million Euro, according to exchange rates), a 16.1% rise versus $950 million / 706 million Euro.

Secondly, and this is the reason for the mixed feelings, the sum is lower than the one in the third quarter ($1.2 billion / 890 million Euro), despite the winter holiday season.

Most importantly, however, is the profit: $174 million / 130 million Euro. 50% higher on-year but quite far from the third quarter's $209 million / 155 million Euro.

As for the entire year, the figures are actually encouraging, even if declining PC sales didn't help much.

The GPU division made $3.2 billion / 2.38 billion Euro and even the Tegra division brought $540 million to the total (402 million Euro). The latter is actually the most impressive, since it points to a 50% on-year jump.

Of course, with Android and even Windows RT tablets adopting the platform, it would have been odd not to have been progress there.

In its earnings call, NVIDIA said that smartphone and tablet Tegra products had gone up by 50% in terms of sales, on year.

Now, NVIDIA is hoping to see Tegra 4 carry on the new tradition, especially in LTE-enabled electronics.

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