NVIDIA Planning Its Own Tablets and Smartphones

The company seems to have decided that just making chips for them is not enough

The Tegra 4 system-on-chip is a straight ticket to new tablet and smartphone design wins, but NVIDIA has decided it wants more than just having a label on such devices.

At least this is what rumors running around the Internet are implying.

Basically, NVIDIA has supposedly decided to make its own tablet and smartphone reference designs.

Set to be complete, or at least ready for a demo, by the middle of the year (2013), there will be 7-inch and 10-inch slates, as well as phones, all sold by NVIDIA's partners.

That means that Computex, a trade show taking place every year in Taipei, Taiwan, might be the place where they will make their appearance.

Russia and India are two of the possible launching locations.

Of course, there is every chance of NVIDIA debunking these claims sooner or later, so people shouldn't start making any sort of plans.

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