NVIDIA Maxwell Graphics Cards Confirmed for Q1 2014

The series of video adapters will be called GeForce 800

Earlier today, I went into details about the upcoming GeForce GTX 790 graphics card, the dual-GPU adapter with two GK110 GPU.

Or, at least, I did my best to speculate what its traits will be based on the currently available information.

What I didn't dwell on much was what will come after that card. Not right away, but soon enough to be relevant.

I do, of course, mean the Maxwell series of graphics chips, the successors to Kepler.

According to VideoCardz, previous rumors were true. The video boards will, indeed, come out at some point during the first quarter of 2014.

Sadly, the other rumor was true too. The one about the low likelihood of TSMC having the 20nm process ready by then.

Looks like Maxwell will use 28nm like Kepler does.

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