NVIDIA GeForce Titan Stronger than Dual-GPU GTX 690, Means No GTX 780

The board is almost as powerful as a dual-chip graphics adapter

Last year, there were rumors that NVIDIA would use the GK110 graphics processing unit, the same one in the Tesla K20 supercomputer cards, to make a GTX 780 consumer board.

A more recent leak basically eradicated that rumor by saying that NVIDIA is working on a board that will only be called GeForce Titan.

Now, further information has surfaced, one that gives a very rough estimate of what the board can do.

The Titan will not be part of the 700 Series. There will be a limited run of it, priced at $800 / 800 Euro.

Its performance will be higher than the previously suggested 85% of the GeForce GTX 690 (the dual-GK104 adapter on the market right now).

The folks at WCCFTech, who provided this info, claim to have made a 3DMark 11 test where The Extreme mode returned a score of 7,107, when GTX 690 normally scores 6,000.

Obviously, this means Titan is something worth looking forward to, if you have the money.

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