NVIDIA GeForce Titan Delayed to February 19, 2013

The high-end video card has been pushed back a day for some unknown reason

Earlier today (February 18, 2012), we said that NVIDIA would launch the GK110-based GeForce Titan before the day was out, but it looks like this won't be happening.

Instead, the Santa Clara, California-based company allowed the official press slides to leak through Egypt Hardware, but decided to withhold the board itself until tomorrow.

First reviews will also be denied right of posting until February 21 (Thursday).

Fortunately, the slides we have mentioned have disclosed the specifications and, as we reported just a very short time ago, specified the two new features that the adapter would boast (80 Hz Adaptable VSync and GPU Boost 2.0).

Nordic Hardware confirms that the launch plans have been changed, though again, no reason has been given for the decision. One would expect the release to be accelerated instead of pushed back.

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