NVIDIA GTX260 GX2 Named GTX295

The new dual-GPU card should surface in the near future

As previously reported, the Santa Clara-based NVIDIA graphics chip manufacturer is preparing the launch of a 55 nanometer card, which has been so far known under the name of GeForce GTX260 GX2. The upcoming part, as its name suggests, is expected to be a dual-GPU card, based on the company's GT200 graphics core, which is being updated to the 55nm process technology.

According to the latest news on the web, the upcoming dual-GPU designed GeForce GTX260 GX2 graphics card will hit the market under the official name of GeForce GTX295. As suggested, the green company plans to regain the performance crown from ATI with its ready-to-launch GTX295. As many of you already know, ATI's Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphics solution has been leading the market for a few months now, and the situation could last for a long time.

NVIDIA's dual GPU card should be able to deliver performance levels able to compete with those offered by 4870 X2, at least this is what some voices over the Internet suggest. The card will feature two GT200 cores manufactured under the 55nm fabrication process, both reported to be including 216 stream processors. The card is also expected to come with a dual PCB design.

No specific information on the frequency and memory size of the GeForce GTX295 card has surfaced to the Web so far, but it shouldn't be long until things change, especially due to the fact that, according to the news, the design of GeForce GTX295 graphics cards has already been finished, and trial-production and testing are about to get started.

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX260 GX2 dubbed GeForce GTX295 has made it to the headlines quite often lately, and the same goes for the new 55nm GT200 graphics core, which means that official information on the parts should surface in the near future.

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