NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 Versus GPU Boost 1.0

How the new technology does things so much better than its predecessor

One of the new technologies that NVIDIA has introduced with the GeForce GTX Titan graphics card is the GPU Boost 2.0.

We've already written some things about it, but now that all the info is out, we have decided to see exactly how the tech compares to GPU Boost 1.0.

The main difference is that GPU Boost 1.0 operates within voltage limitations, while GPU Boost 2.0 does not.

Indeed, GPU Boost 2.0 can increase voltage if the PSU can take it and if the temperature remains within manageable limits.

Speaking of which, the clock boosts achievable through 2.0 seem to be double those of 1.0.

All in all, temperature is the only limiting factor in how high the frequency of the graphics processing unit can be pushed, dynamically.

There is still a Vrei though (max voltage allowed), to ensure long-term card reliability. Users can exceed it with a click though, if they really wish it.


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