NVIDIA CEO Believes in Tablets “Wholeheartedly”

Smartphones will take longer for Tegra to conquer, however

While revealing the financial results for the fourth quarter of Fiscal Year 2013, NVIDIA did something else, besides hinting at when Tegra 4 sales would start and devices would finally debut.

Long story short, the Company, or rather its current Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jen-Hsun Huang, clearly stated what NVIDIA's stance on tablets and smartphones was.

People may know that, so far, NVIDIA hasn't really accomplished much of anything on the smartphone segment, due to Tegra being too overpowered for them.

Huang now says that, while he believes in tablets “wholeheartedly,” there won't be any smartphones in the near future.

Since Tegra 4 Wayne has better performance than Tegra 3 as main selling point, this is not really surprising.

Only when LTE (long-term evolution) broadband picks up will the Santa Clara company expect a positive change on the phone segment.

“We'll have some phone success this year, but we don't expect to have a whole lot of phone design wins until we engage the market with LTE," Huang told investors.

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