NVIDIA, AMD and Intel All Suffered Sales Drops in Q4 2012

Taking graphics and central processing chips together, the landscape doesn't look its best

Chip shipments during the fourth quarter of 2012 proved to be rather low, especially for a season when holiday shopping should have led to the results.

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) stepped outside the norm for once and, instead of looking at the semiconductor market as a whole or just one sub-type of chip, took CPUs and GPUs together.

What it found was that, overall, the market slid 8% on-quarter.

AMD dropped 13.6%, which is quite a lot and yet, somehow, less than the decline that NVIDIA suffered, of 16.7%.

Compared to those two, Intel actually did rather well, slipping by just 2.9%.

Then again, NVIDIA and AMD have a disadvantage here because GPUs have been getting less relevant to PCs, now that CPUs with Integrated graphics are so widespread.

That said, total graphics shipments fell 8.2% in 4Q12, and 11.6% on year, despite the global PC market going up 2.8% and down just 5.6%, respectively.

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