NSA Website Disrupted Following PRISM Leak, Hackers Want to Troll Agency

The email addresses of 400 individuals accused of working for the NSA have been leaked

Following the leak of details on the US National Security Agency’s (NSA) PRISM surveillance program, hacktivists have initiated a campaign called Operation Troll Tthe NSA, or OpTrollTheNSA.

As part of the operation, hackers of WikiCrew have disrupted the official NSA website, nsa.gov, presumably by launching a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack against it. The site has been inaccessible for around 13 hours.

In the meantime, hackers of the St0rmyw0rm group have leaked a file which they claim contains the email addresses of over 400 individuals that work for the NSA.

However, that’s not all. OpTrollTheNSA really is about trolling the NSA. In approximately one hour from now, the initiators of the operation plan on sending out a large number of messages containing terror-related words.

“If millions of us, all at the same exact time, call or email someone with our keywords-of-terror-filled script, we can give our nation’s impressive surveillance apparatus the kind of test it deserves. They say they don’t read or listen to the contents of our messages. Why not test it out? It’ll be fun,” reads a message posted on the trollthensa.com website.

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