NSA Hires Privacy Officer, a Former Homeland Security Director

The new position won't really help make people more comfortable with the NSA's extensive spying practices

The National Security Agency has created a new job in light of the Snowden scandal, namely that of primary adviser to the NSA’s director for civil liberties and privacy protection.

According to a job listing, the new position is “focused on the future” and it’s basically designed to “enhance decision making and to ensure that civil liberties and privacy protections continue to be baked into NSA’s future operations, technologies, tradecraft, and policies.”

The new privacy officer is former Department of Homeland Security Privacy Director, Rebecca Richards, who will start at NSA next month, the Washington Post reports.

The intelligence agency has been looking for someone to fill this role since September.

One of the main issues that the NSA has been accused of is violating basic human rights such as the one to privacy through its mass surveillance programs that collect data from innocent Internet and phone users and not just targeted terrorists.

While the NSA may hope that some of the trust in the agency will be restored thanks to this hire, there's nothing that will ease the concerns of privacy advocates around the world.

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