NETGEAR and Quantenna Deliver World's First 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi

NETGEAR will be building wireless HD audio/video products based on Quantenna's Full-11n Chipset

Eager to provide end-users' homes with better, faster and multiple HD streams, NETGEAR has started implementing Quantenna's technology into its products. The Full-11n technology enables reliable, full HD video wireless transmissions across distances of over 100 feet, with the signal unaffected by dead zones and interferences present in most residential environments.

“NETGEAR has built a reputation for offering leading-edge retail and service provider networking products, and we are continuing that tradition as we help lead consumers to the next generation of full HD and 1080p video networking,” David Henry, senior director of Product Marketing for Home Products with NETGEAR, said.

“We looked at many potential solutions but Quantenna is unique in offering the critical ingredients for industry-standard Wi-Fi products that will also deliver an exciting new world of robust, full HD entertainment networking. We are pleased to be working with Quantenna on reliable networking products that will deliver high fidelity audio, video and data streams to every room in the home.”

The upcoming products from NETGEAR will create consumer wireless home-entertainment networking products fully equipped with the industry-standard 802.11n features. As such, the devices will be capable of an “ultra-reliable” Wi-Fi bandwidth. This will be possible thanks to the features contained in Quantenna's Full-11n Chipset, such as the wireless channel monitoring and optimizing, dynamic digital beamforming and 4x4 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO).

“Quantenna couldn’t be more happy to be working with NETGEAR to bring the next wave of Wi-Fi 802.11n wireless networking to mainstream adoption, at retail price points,” David French, Quantenna’s CEO, added. “Together, NETGEAR and Quantenna are helping to extend the huge installed base of industry-standard Wi-Fi networks so that they can also carry up to four streams of full HD video, across five times the distance of competitive solutions, with near-perfect transmission performance.”

As most companies will be doing with their individual products, NETGEAR and Quantenna will be showcasing the technology at CES 2010, along with the latter's wireless video bridge reference design.

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