NEC Formally Launches PH1000 Professional Projector

It is meant to handle 24/7 operation and features a 3-chip DLP system

NEC Asia Pacific has made the official introduction of the PH1000U digital projector, one that is supposed to breeze through even assignments where it has to run for extended periods of time (24/7).

The newcomer is based on a 3-chip DLP system whose maximum resolution is of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels (WUXGA).

The brightness it can achieve is 11,000 lumens, while the contrast ratio is 2000:1.

Additionally, NEC implemented dual UHP lamps, with lamp life of 2500 hours in ECO mode.

Furthermore, up to four projectors can be stacked together, leading to larger images of up to 44,000 lumens brightness.

“The PH1000U is designed for large venue applications that can benefit from the 3-chip DLP color space and redundancy of the dual lamp system,” said Vincent Koh, vice president of multimedia platform unit from NEC Asia Pacific.

“The capabilities this product brings to the AV market are unrivaled, from its stacking correction to its bayonet lenses. Its feature set allows the projector to be customized perfectly in each and every application.”

NEC's invention is designed with HDCP-ready HDMI, DisplayPort and three computer inputs, plus component and S-video.

The company even went as far as to prepare a full line of five bayonet-style lenses with powered zoom, focus and lens.

Speaking of which, the Lens Memory technology, by studying input resolution and selection, controls attributes like zoom, shift and focus.

Other assets include edge bending technology (panoramas are created with multiple projectors), DICOM simulation, geometric correction (projects squares on cylinders or spheres, or cornered screens) and cornerstone corrections (displays the image properly even when set up at an angle), among other things.

Be sure to have your account ready if you want this for your presentation room, though. The bank-breaking price is of $61,327.35 or 45,579.59 Euro.

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