NEC Copies Lenovo, Creates LaVie Y 360-Degree Device

The move is okay, since NEC and Lenovo have a deal

Chinese company Lenovo has already made an impression with the IdeaPad Yoga tablet/ultrabook hybrids, but soon there will be another with a nearly identical device up for sale.

NEC is the one that will sell a Yoga copy in Japan, called LaVie Y. That's not a problem though, since it and Lenovo are partners and agreed on it beforehand.

Measuring 11.6 inches in diagonal, the LaVie Y has 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of NAND SSD.

The CPU, or rather SoC (system-on-chip platform), is NVIDIA's Tegra 3, based on ARM.

As such, the operating system installed on LaVie Y is Windows RT, not the standard Windows 8.

Needless to say, the 360-degree hinge is present and accounted for (lets the screen lay back until it is perfectly flat against the back of the base).

November 23 is when sales will begin, for a price estimated at the Japanese equivalent of $1,136 / 872 Euro. A custom NEC app will be pre-installed.

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