NEC Acquires Cyber Defense Institute

The company wants to extend its cyber security solutions portfolio

NEC Corporation, the world-renowned IT services and products provider, is set to acquire Cyber Defense Institute, Inc. (CDI), a Japanese security system diagnosis company owned by Itochu Corporation. The acquisition will be completed on March 1, 2013.

By acquiring CDI, NEC hopes to extend its cyber security solutions portfolio.

“In recent years, well-coordinated cyber-attacks against specific organizations or individuals are on the rise, and there is growing concern about the loss of personal and confidential data,” said Hironori Takahashi, national security solutions division, NEC Corporation.

“NEC strategically established the 'Cyber Security Factory' last November, strengthening its support for the development and operation of solutions that protect against cyber-attacks on government offices and businesses.”

Additionally, NEC has entered a partnership with Interpol to provide assistance in developing “core elements” of the Digital Crime Center that’s being established in Singapore.

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