NCase, a Small PC Enclosure Made by Fans for Fans

Two users from a certain Forum board took matters into their own hands

Wahaha360 and Necere, two users from HardOCP's forum, decided, some time ago, that they just didn't really like any of the small form factor cases on the market, so they figured they would make their own.

A so-called campaign was initiated, through which they kept asking other members of the forum to say what they expected from an SFF chassis.

It took months of work, changes and refinements before they decided they were ready to show what they'd achieved.

The result was the NCase, a chassis measuring 160 x 328 x 240mm (250 mm including the feet). That means 6.30 x 12.91 x 9.44 inches (9.8x with feet).

The inside of the enclosure allows for a cooler height of 105 mm / 4.13 inches, as well as three expansion slots.

Speaking of which, two of the slots can hold graphics card with length of up to 12.5 inches / 317 mm, while the third only allows for 11-inch / 279 mm AIBs (add-in boards).

That said, the small case is particularly long, otherwise it would not have enough room for storage drives.

There are two 3.5-inch hard disk drive mounts, as well as two 2.5-inch mounts. Depending on preference though, one can use the room for up to three 3.5-inch storage units or four 2.5-inch units.

It doesn't matter which type: HDDs (hard disk drives), SSDs (solid state drives), HHDs (hybrid hard drives).

Moving on, the two designers included four fan mounts (120mm diameter) and back panels that extend 5-10 mm, for easy removal.

Other specs include an extra 80/92-mm fan mount, an ATX power supply (up to 140mm, non-modular), a slim optical drive bay and support for one or two 120mm radiators.

Sadly, since this aluminum enclosure is still just a concept, there is no price or availability date in sight. Thus, the SilverStone SG05, which ultimately started the idea for the NCase, can still sell without worry for a while.


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