NCS Altus XT, a Mobile Workstation for Government Agencies

It should be good for education and enterprise customers as well

As far as mobile workstations go, the Altus XT released by NCS doesn't stand out, no more than other mobile workstations at least.

But here is the crux of the matter: mobile workstations always have better than average hardware, because they need to be prepared for everything from large Power Point presentation to audio-visual simulations.

Sure enough, though Altus XT has various CPU, memory and storage options, it can be powerful, thanks to an Intel Core i7 CPU, self-encryption SSDs/HDDs of up to 2.5TB capacity, USB 3.0, several gigabytes of RAM, DisplayPorts, etc.

NCS' product even has a 17.3-inch antiglare Full HD display, with an NVIDIA Quadro discrete graphics card behind it (figuratively speaking).

As for security, besides the storage self-encryption, Altus XT possesses an optional fingerprint reader and Intel vPRO technology, for identity protection.

Needless to say, Altus XT runs Windows 8, though Windows 7 is supported as well. Government agencies, schools and businesses are the intended customers.

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