NCPW and FTC Sites Defaced by Anonymous in ACTA Protest

The hackers posted a hilarious YouTube video to show the dangers posed by ACTA

Protests against the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) continue both online and in the real world. Anonymous hackers defaced a series of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) webpages and the site that belongs to the NCPW to show that they don’t approve of the pact.

The Hacker News informs that sites such as,,, and, which is the official website of the National Consumer Protection Week, were defaced.

The hackers posted a parody video that highlights, in a very violent way, the potential threats posed by ACTA if it's ratified.

“If ACTA is signed by all participating negotiating countries, you can rest assured that Antisec will bring a [expletive] mega-uber-awesome war that rain torrential hellfire down on all enemies of free speech, privacy and internet freedom,” the hackers write.

“We will systematically knock all evil corporations and governments off of our internet.”

Anonymous also leaked tons of information from the databases of the breached sites, including usernames, password hashes, email addresses and other sensitive data.

“There is no doubt that ACTA is more dangerous and detrimental to our rights than SOPA. ACTA will further spread the contagion of stricter copyright enforcement worldwide, at the expense of our essential liberties and basic freedoms of speech, expression and privacy,” the message posted by Anonymous concludes.

At the time of writing, most of the affected websites are offline, but two of the hacked domains still host the video and the message posted by the hackers.

Worldwide ACTA protest turned out to be a success, countries such as Germany, Poland Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Netherlands deciding not to ratify the treaty until all the members of the European Union come to an agreement.

The parody video posted by the hackers can be found on YouTube.

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