NATO Handles 147 Million Suspicious Cyber Events Each Day Reuters

NATO Director Ian West fears cyberattacks could put troops at risk

NATO Director Ian West has revealed that the organization’s intrusion detection systems handle around 147 million suspicious cyber security events each day.

West says that around 2,500 serious attacks have been launched against NATO systems last year, Reuters reports.

The director has confirmed that some attacks were successful. However, he declined to say if any of them resulted in the theft of classified information.

According to West, the worst-case cyberattack scenario is one in which lives are lost.

“If intelligence doesn't get through about an ambush, if notification doesn't get through about a security situation, then our troops' lives are at risk,” he said.

Last month, NATO member countries agreed to boost the organization’s cyber defenses by October. NATO’s chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen highlighted the fact that all allies must be protected, but some of the big players are not so keen on using their resources to help others.

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