NASA's Kepler Has Found 461 New Potential Alien Planets

Four of them seem capable of supporting life, specialists claim

The news that NASA's Kepler Space Telescope succeeded in pinning down as many as 461 new potential alien planets is now causing quite a media stir.

Truth be told, this is probably because, as Space reports, four of these distant worlds seem fairly capable of supporting life as we know it. This is because they are located within a star's so-called habitable zone.

In other words, the promise that the year 2013 will go down in history as the year when Earth's twin was found now strikes people as a tad more credible.

In all fairness, Kepler did find over 2,000 alien worlds during its first 22 months on the job, yet an additional 461 candidates cannot hurt anybody.

NASA's announcement concerning the discovery of these 461 new potential alien planets was made only yesterday, January 7.

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