NASA Mohawk Guy to Show Off New Do at Inauguration March

Bobak Ferdowsi is a 33-year-old flight director with NASA

The infamous NASA mohawk guy is back for the Obama inauguration, and he plans to premiere a new look that, he says, will upstage the president himself.

Bobak Ferdowsi is a 33-year-old flight director that captured the world's eye with his appearances in the televised transmission for the Curiosity rover's take-off and landing, this summer.

His mohawk had a meme impact, prompting the creation of clips such as “We’re NASA and We Know It.”

For the inauguration, Ferdowsi will take part in a NASA-organized march, for which he and his teammates have prepared a full-size replica of the rover. He hasn't disclosed what he has prepared for the event just yet.

“It’s a surprise. [...] I’m hoping people will tune in to find out, but it will be something fun,” he tell us, according to the Inquisitr.

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