NASA Engineer-Founded Audio Company Launches Bluetooth Speaker

It is priced at $199 / 199 Euro, even though it is supposed to be low-end

Soundmatters, a firm founded by a former NASA engineer, must have its own idea of what entry-level means if the foxLv2 aptX is really supposed to sell for the sum in the official announcement.

Nevertheless, this is precisely the case. The very small Bluetooth portable speaker bears a tag of $199 / 152-199 Euro.

It is compatible with everything from smartphones to PCs and even Apple computers.

aptX-equipped phones, tablets or computers should be able to stream CD-quality music, thanks to the company's own patented audio technology.

A noise canceling mix is included, built right into the speaker.

As for power, a rechargeable battery can last for up to 12 hours. A universal AC charger can be used to replenish energy.

Full information on the Soundmatters foxLv2 aptX is available on the official website.

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