NAND Flash Market Will Surpass DRAM in 2013

The memory segment shows just what depths it has sunken to

We never really expected it to happen so quickly, but it has: the DRAM and NAND industries are almost at the same level, sales-wise.

Since solid state drives use many more chips and higher capacities than random access memory modules, it was a given that NAND would outpace DRAM eventually.

The severe decline of the latter market sped things up considerably though.

Quite a few DRAM manufacturers are now bankrupt or in big trouble, due to poor sales over the past three years.

Since NAND chips held up well during this period, the size of this market is now almost the same as DRAM.

In 2013, the ranking will finally switch, according to a report from Digitimes.

NAND Flash is expected to have the third highest average annual growth rate through 2017.

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