MythTV 0.26 Has Live Streaming

A few other new important features have been added

By on October 3rd, 2012 14:04 GMT

MythTV, a Digital Video Recorder and home media center hub featuring automatic commercial detection/skipping, intelligent schedules recordings, parental control, remote administration, and many more other functions, is now at version 0.25.

The developers of MythTV have implemented a lot of changes and updates in this version, despite the small numbering difference.

Highlights of MythTV 0.26:

· HTTP Live Streaming playback and recorder has been added;
· Recording rule templates have been added;
· Themers (and power users) are now able to replace schedule options with new widgits;
· Duplicate checking and limited matching optimizations and other scheduler related changes have been added;
· Internal times have been switched to UTC;
· Mythlogserver, a new program for handling all log requests, has been added.

A comprehensive changelog can be found in the official wiki.

Download MythTV 0.26
right now from Softpedia.