MythDora 10.21 Released, Now Based on Fedora 10

Includes MythTV 0.21 with all the SVN fixes

The last release of MythDora was version 5.0 and it was based on Fedora 8, but Ryan Pisani decided to be with-it and he proudly announced last night a new release of the MythDora Linux distribution. Being based on Fedora 10 and powered by Linux kernel, MythDora 10.21 offers a new and simple way to install both Fedora Linux and the popular MythTV software on your personal computer.

"MythDora 10.21 has arrived. That's right we've jumped ahead a few versions to catch us up with our Fedora baseline. The intent is that going forward we'll release versions in-line with current Fedora versions. There are some major changes for us in this release. We've moved away from the Xdialog installer and into a single firefox configuration for the initial system setup. This same setup can be called via the MythDora Tools menu for a variety of features and for further maintenance as you use your system." - said Ryan Pisani in the official release announcement. Highlights of MythDora 10.21:

· Based on Fedora 10

· Linux kernel

· GNOME, XFCE4, KDE, and Ratpoison desktop environments (available on the DVD version only)

· XFCE4 desktop environment on the LiveCD

· MythTV 0.21 (with the latest SVN fixes)

· Web-based setup for MythDora customizations

· IMDB Bulk Updater 1.14

· Auto and Custom installation options

· Improved management of remotes, blasters and receivers

· Configurable MythTV service account name

· Added the ability to choose between mythtv, mythfrontend or mythwelcome at login

· Dozens of game emulators

· Latest nVidia video drivers

· Latest OpenChrome video drivers

· PVR-350 driver

· Latest ivtv drivers

· Latest V4L drivers MythDora Linux 10.21 also contains popular applications, such as K9copy (a DVD-Shrink clone), HandBrake (a user-friendly video transcoder) or Nuvexport, which can be used as an alternative to MythTV's inbuilt transcoding for recorded TV files. MythDora 10.21 can be downloaded right now from Softpedia.


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