MySpace Growing Again, One Million New Users in Two Months

It's too soon to celebrate, but the site is seeing some positive signs

MySpace, for all intents and purposes, is dead and has been so for quite a while. But it may be seeing somewhat of a revival, or maybe just a bit of thawing. MySpace has managed to gain one million new users since December when it introduced a new music player.

The New York Times reports that MySpace is about to announce one of the few good news it's had in the past couple of years or more.

Of course, one million new users isn't cause for celebration yet, but it's a good first sign. MySpace has continued to bleed users for many months now and the fall doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon.

MySpace was sold in July last year at a very discounted price to several investors that hoped to work the music angle, one of MySpace's big selling points, especially in the later years.

There's still a lot of music on MySpace, several times more than in any other legal service online. Facebook may have the scale, but it has never been able to replicate the MySpace experience for bands and artists.

The new investors hope that by focusing on music and entertainment, MySpace's still large audience can be used to make the site one of the big online destinations for music.

MySpace has something else to celebrate, January was the first time in many, many months that the site saw an increase in visitors from the previous month.

It grew by four percent from December, not much but any growth is good for the site which has lost several million users since its new owners acquired it and about three quarters of its audience since its peak in 2008.

It's way too early to call it a trend or a reversal yet, MySpace is still suffering and its latest turnaround isn't guaranteed to change that.

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