My Talking Tom Arrives on Windows Phone

It allows players to adopt their own baby Tom and grow it into a Tom cat

Windows Phone users can now enjoy a new game on their devices, one that is already highly popular on other platforms, namely My Talking Tom.

This is the official Talking Tom app by Out Fit 7, which has seen over 500 million downloads around the world, and which has become the most popular game in 140 countries.

In My Talking Tom, players will be able to adopt their own baby Tom, feed it, play with it, and play different games with it until it turns into a full-grown Tom cat.

Even more, the app allows them to dress the cat as they want, courtesy of a wide set of fur color options, hats, and glasses.

There is also a series of in-app mini games, which allow users to earn gold coins to advance in the game. Furthermore, support for in-app purchases has been included in the package as well.

However, Out Fit 7 Limited notes that users will be able to play and access all levels of the game without having to make in-app purchases using real money.

In My Talking Tom for Windows Phone users will have to nurture their own Tom, play games with it, feed him favorite foods, and tuck him into bed.

The virtual cat will also display emotions, as it can be happy, hungry, sleepy, bored, all depending on the manner in which the player treats it.

At the same time, the game allows users to be creative through customizing their own Tom by choosing from the wide combination of furs, clothing, and furniture for its home.

As the game progresses, users will receive rewards. Tom will grow through a total of 9 stages and 50 levels, allowing users to unlock new items and coins in the way.

Tom will also repeat everything the user says to it, not to mention that it responds when the user pokes, strokes, or tickles it.

The game was made available in the official store for free, with support for all Windows Phone 8 devices out there. Users can download My Talking Tom for Windows Phone from Softpedia as well.

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