My Beauty Routine Costs Only $200 (€150.6) a Month, Says Jennifer Aniston

Star denies recent reports, says she's actually quite low maintenance

A recent report claimed that Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston, who has always been praised for her looks and figure, spends a small fortune every month to look as great as she does. It's not true, she says, setting the record straight.

In a new statement to People magazine, Jen laughs off rumors that her beauty regime, which includes a personal trainer and hairstylist, would set her back about $8,000 (€6,127.4)

In fact, she spends just a fraction of that, she says.

Aniston estimates she spends only as little as $200 (€150.6) a month on beauty. However, she doesn't seem to include here the services of her hairstylist, nutritionist and personal trainer.

Only the stylist, who is said to be at her beck and call 24/7, travels with her on location, and is paid for a week's job to the tune of many thousands of dollars, word has it.

As such, she can't be paying so little for her routine.

“Although I am a sucker for an amazing moisturizer, love a great facial, have been using the same cleansing bar since I was a teenager and have always been a dedicated tooth-brusher, reports that I am spending eight thousand a month on a beauty regime are greatly exaggerated,” Jennifer explains.

“By my tally, this month I’m in for about two hundred bucks,” Aniston adds, asked to offer a more accurate amount for her expenses on beauty stuff.

The initial report claimed that $200 wouldn't have been enough to buy half a container of Aniston's face cream, as we also informed you at the time.

“One neck ointment she uses, by beauty brand Euoko, is allegedly made with crystals from the planet Mars and costs $450 [€344.6] while she regularly splurges on Tracie Martyn Spa Red Carpet Facials that cost over $500 [€382.9],” the British tabloid the Daily Mail said.

To this, it added bills on hairstyling, gym subscription and the services of a personal dietician.

As it turns out, Aniston is a much more natural beauty than we thought.

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