“Mutant” Creature Crawling on Building Caught on Camera in Russia

A video went viral after showing a human-like long-legged creature crawling on a building

Mutants seemed to be just a Marvel and DC Comics entertainment subject but not an actual present-day thing that some kid with a camera can film and then post on YouTube. A video showing a weird crawling humanoid creature on an apartment building in Russia is causing quite the controversy.

At a first look, you may think it's an insect crawling on the lens of the camera; but if you pay more attention, you can notice that, putting aside the fact that it has four incredibly long extremities, it strongly resembles a human. The way the thing is climbing is also very similar to the one a person would.

My first guess would be a camera-generated image, but the user who uploaded the video writes in the description “CGI? I think not on this poor quality camera that filmed it! As always, You be the judge! Event took place at apartment complex outside Moscow Russia 2013.” The quality of the video is quite poor, but that's not enough to cancel this possibility.

Either someone staged everything and climbed on the building dressed as a weird creature to freak people out or we really have mutants around us, which is highly doubted. Well, at least conspiracy theories have something similar to a proof to show that the Soviets did human experiments in Russia a few years ago.

The whole video is questionable, the first thing that pops into mind is why they were filming that in such a timely manner. I mean at the beginning of the video there is no creature and then it crawls on the building, how did they know it would appear?

Secondly, why aren't they freaked out? The creature was on the neighboring building, so if it was at least a bit true, they wouldn't have been so calm. Third, what is it with that quality? It is poorly lighted and very unclear, and also very good for prank videos.

Another thing that comes to mind when absurdly connecting all these questions together is that the Chernobyl explosion had a few unusual victims. After a few more looks, it kind of resembles Slender Man; who knows, maybe he's not fiction. Real or not real, the video is quite creepy.

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