Must See: Trailer for “Disney’s Looper”

Mock trailer for “Looper” is very funny, quite smart

One of the best received releases of this fall is Rian Johnson’s “Looper,” starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It’s already generated plenty of spoofs and parodies, but we’re presenting you a new one.

Willis and Gordon-Levitt both play the same hitman, one in the future and the other in present time. Said hitman uses time traveling to off unwanted mobsters, and he will inevitably be asked to kill himself to close the loop.

To make this less confusing: in the film, Willis is sent back in time, while Joe is instructed to kill him. When he discovers Willis is his future self, trouble begins.

Above is a trailer for “Disney’s Looper,” offering a good look at how the movie might have looked had it come out in 1994.

“Somebody call the waaa-haaambulance!” This is some seriously funny stuff.

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