Must See: “The Exorcist” Found, Never-Before-Seen Footage

Clip shows special effects test run, is actually scarier than the final version

You can’t be a fan of horror movies and not have seen “The Exorcist,” the classic 1973 film that wrote the book on possession. Below is a never-before-seen, recently uncovered behind the scenes footage.

Discovered by Bloody Disgusting, it shows Regan MacNeil, the star of the film, practicing the levitation scene that will also be appearing in the final film.

She’s also rehearsing the “violent spasm” scene that frightens her mother and the doctors, as this video here will show (*please note that discretion is recommended when viewing it).

“This footage came from a 16mm print which was labeled as such: “Warner Bros color timed anamorphic test – The Exorcist.” The case had [director] William Friedkin’s name hand written on the address label,” BD writes.

“The following footage was shot on 35mm. This print was a 16mm reduction of the 35mm footage, probably intended to view tests at home or in the office,” adds the same media outlet.

It’s a look into the making of one of the scariest movies of all times, the kind we’ve never been privy to before.

I will admit, “The Exorcist” still gets to me even today and even though I have seen more movies from this genre than I could ever count. But this seems even scarier. Check it out.

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